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Hey there,
I'm Jalyn.

Jalyn Henderson Headshot

I'm an Emmy Award-Winning 
Visual Storyteller based in Chicago.

Every day, I push the envelope of modern-day storytelling by sharing the vast experiences of Chicagoans. As a bridge-builder, I have a unique ability to relate and unite people of all races, backgrounds, identities and interests. I believe that all people have value - and so do their stories. 

In a work environment, I am an energetic, self-starter who works well individually and as a team member. I go the extra mile to connect with my colleagues, sources and audience to make sure they're informed and inspired.

When I'm not working you can find me traveling the world, volunteering with my sorority sisters, or binge-watching Naked & Afraid.

Featured Work

Featured Work

Every year has become the “deadliest year on record” for transgender and gender non-conforming people in the U.S. Why? NBCLX and NBC Chicago joined forces to find out.

Watch the full documentary series on NBC Chicago or Peacock.

As another surge of migrants and asylum seekers cross the U.S. - Mexico border, cities along the border and sanctuary cities across the country are preparing for an influx of people. Chicago has been welcoming migrants from Texas since August. Since then, organizations like Erie Neighborhood House have been working to make sure the Second City feels like home. 

Drugs like Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro, and Trulicity are helping people lose weight - and a lot of it. So how exactly do these drugs work and who do they benefit? Let's find out.

Feeling that skateboarding was dominated by white men, skaters in Chicago formed the group FroSkate. The group hosts meetups at local skate parks to welcome skaters with marginalized racial and gender identities into the scene. I talked with some members of the group – and watched them teach a few tricks.

After a mass shooting, keeping the public up to date and informed is crucial. After the Highland Park shooting, as the Public Information Officer for the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Chief Chris Covelli played a crucial role in delivering information to the public about the status of the investigation and the search for the suspect.



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Let's Work Together

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